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  Be sure to reserve the Labor Day Weekend 2014 for the FBC Reunion.  
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FBC 2014 Reunion
The FBC 2014 Reunion will be held over the Labor Day Weekend 2014. From Friday evening to Monday morning. For more information click on the FAQ link at the top of the page.

This is not a complete list of those attending the conference. This list only shows those who have chosen to make this information public.

Deborah McIntosh
Jackie McMurry
Raymond Mitchell
Wally Morillo
Dan Mosher
Bill Murphy
Mary (Englund) Murphy
Kay (Zeman) Myers
Phil Myers
Steve Partain
Barbara (Johnson) Paynter
Herb Paynter
Philip Penner
Cindy (Kamrath) Pesce
Keith Pesce
Jeff Peters
Kathy (Hoover) Peters
Sue Phaneuf
Carol (Ward) Ponz
Dr. Stan Ponz
Joe Potter
Terri (De Groat) Potter
Clara Pratt
Ralph Pratt
Gary Reese
Bev (Brooks) Ridge
Ken Sanchez
Sharon (Jackson) Sanchez
Don Satterwhite
Marie (Giliberti) Satterwhite
Renee (Coates) Scheidt
Nancy Scott
Robert Scott
Michael D. Shaffer
Patti (Stanford) Shaffer
Perry Shenk
Robin (Busby) Shenk
David Shipley
Hally (Arsenault) Shipley
Nomi Shipley
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