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  Be sure to reserve the Labor Day Weekend 2014 for the FBC Reunion.  
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FBC 2014 Reunion
The FBC 2014 Reunion will be held over the Labor Day Weekend 2014. From Friday evening to Monday morning. For more information click on the FAQ link at the top of the page.

  Welcome to the FBCAA 2014 Reunion Website

Be sure to click on the FAQs link for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Over the 2014 Labor Day weekend Alumni of Florida Bible College will reunite in Orlando

What will this reunion be?

Florida Bible College was established in 1962.  Through its history, Florida Bible College has had thousands of students pass through its doors.  FBC Alumni have gone on to various places, ministries and jobs since they last attended a class at FBC.

In 2008 the Florida Bible College Alumni Association had its first reunion in over 10 years.  As alumni began to arrive, there was a feeling of excitement. Many long-separated friends ran to each other, embraced and wept. As people mingled they would gaze at the name tags as they passed each person to see if it was someone they knew. I saw one person, as he was taking pictures and sweeping through those who were seated, when he realized that the person in the camera was a friend he had not seen for almost 30 years. He nearly dropped the camera as he ran to embrace his friend. There were many moments such as this throughout the 2008 reunion. It was a wonderful weekend of reuniting with old friends.
There were many that had their heart and soul re-ignited. There were many that were able to begin a healing process, and many that were brought back to their desire to serve the Lord.

After the reunion the question was asked, What will we do now?  That question still hangs in the air. What will we do now?

It has been six years since that reunion and we are poised to come together again.  There is anticipation and there is reluctance about attending the 2014 FBC reunion.  Will it be a reunion? Will it be a college? Will it be only an advertisement for the restart of Florida Bible College?  Should I attend? Who are we now?

We are those who the Lord brought together for a purpose, for various purposes. We have each gone forth from FBC having taken something from our experience there. What did we do with it? Where did we allow the Lord to take us as we left FBC? What blessings has he bestowed on us since? What trials has he led us through since? What has he taught us? Where will we go from here?

These are but a few of the questions that are asked. Above all, this is a gathering of Florida Bible College Alumni. It is the gathering together of those who have passed through the halls of FBC, to reunite, to once again see those they have not seen for many years.  It is a time of renewal of relationships, with each other and perhaps with our Savior and Lord.

Everyone had different experiences at FBC.  There were wonderful, joyful times.  There were times of great sorrow and pain

Everyone has had a different experience since they left FBC.  We have each gone different and unique ways.  God has taken us in different directions and into different careers.  We are scattered throughout the lands.

It is time to come together again to see what God has done and what He will do.  There will be speakers that will bring the Word of God to us that is flavored with the experiences He has brought them through.  There will be social times where you can sit and catch up with the person or persons you have missed so dearly since FBC.  There will be times of gathering with many.  There will be times of sweet fellowship alone with God. There will be times of reflection on where you have been and where you may go.  There will be laughter.  There will be tears.  There will be friends. There will be a healing of hearts. Amongst us all will be our Lord, walking with us.

So join us.  Unite to Ignite those long lost friendships.  Unite to Ignite your passion for Him.  Unite to Ignite Florida Bible College.



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